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NHM Summer Courses


The Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management offers multiple courses throughout the summer terms (May Intersession, Full Summer, First Summer, Second Summer, and August Intersession).  Many courses are specific to NHM majors, but several are open to any/all majors at the University (NHM 111, 212, 215, 311, 323, 381, & 443).

To register for any of these courses, visit the registration section of My.OleMiss.Edu

NHM Majors – if you have questions about this courses, please contact an academic advisor today!


Welcome to the Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management, a diverse and rapidly growing department whose faculty and staff is dedicated to preparing students for exciting careers. Our graduates are getting good jobs in their chosen fields and making a difference in their communities. Our faculty is committed to providing excellent academic advising, quality classroom education, and state of the art hands-on training.

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