Nutrition and Hospitality Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Application Process

Applications for admission to the graduate programs must be submitted to the University of Mississippi Graduate School through the online application process.

In order to be assured consideration, the following materials must be on file in the Graduate School prior to the deadline.

Application Deadlines

Degree Program Deadline for Fall admission Deadline for Spring admission
M.S. in Food and Nutrition Services January 15 October 15
Ph.D. in Nutrition and Hospitality Management January 15 October 15
Online Masters in Hospitality Management July 15 December 15

In case these dates fall on a weekend or legal holiday, the deadlines are automatically extended to the next business day.

  1. An online application completed through the Graduate School website
  2. A statement of Purpose not exceeding 1,000 words, which clearly demonstrates your interest in the field, readiness to pursue a graduate degree, academic and professional goals, and how joining the graduate program will help you meet these goals. This document should be uploaded as an attachment to the Graduate School online application.
  3. Names and contact information of references should be specified on the online Graduate School application. The Graduate School’s online reference system sends requests to the recommenders. Two (2) references are required for application to the master’s program, and three (3) references are required for application to the doctoral program.
  4. Official GRE scores taken within 5 years of applying to the graduate programsent to the Graduate School.
  5. Official transcripts from all institutions where a degree was obtained AND from institutions attended for any graduate work sent to the Graduate School
  6. Official English proficiency test scores (Only if the applicant’s native language is not English):TOEFL, IELTS, or Pearson’s Test of Academic English scores within 2 years of applying to the graduate program sent to the Graduate School

Instructions for submitting application materials such as test scores and transcripts can be found on the Graduate School website. For questions about the submission process, contact the Graduate School (Email: For questions about our programs, contact NHM Graduate Program Coordinator (Dr. Yunhee Chang, Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management, Email:

*Applicants for M.S. in FNS who will also be pursuing the Coordinated Program must fulfill the additional requirements:

  • An online application form for the CP must be submitted at 15.
  • The same Statement of Purpose document will be used for both Graduate School application as well as CP application. Applicants who are pursuing the CP should also address CP-related expectations in the document submitted in their Graduate School application.
  • The letters received through the Graduate School application system will be forwarded to the CP application for review and there is no need to send duplicate letters directly to the CP director.

Statuses of Admission

Applicants whose admission credentials do not meet those expected for Full-standingstatus may be admitted in the Conditionalor Qualifyingstatus.

Students whose academic records indicate that they may have difficulty performing satisfactorily at the graduate level may be conditionally admitted. Students admitted in the Conditionalstatus are required to obtain a 3.0 GPA during their first 9 hours of graduate coursework in order to be advanced to Full-standing. Students who fail to advance to Full-standing will be changed to Non-degree IIstatus.

Students satisfying all other admission requirements but lacking certain prerequisites may be admitted for a Qualifyingperiod of up to 12 months, during which time the deficiencies must be completed with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students admitted in the Qualifyingstatus will be given a list of undergraduate courses (ranging from 3 to 15 hours) to be taken to make them eligible for consideration for Conditional or Full-standing status. Qualifyingstatus may limit graduate assistantship opportunities. Remedial courses may not be counted toward degree requirements.

See Graduate School policiesfor more information about categories of admissions.

Financial Support

The Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management offers administrative, research, and teaching assistantships. These are competitive. Interested applicants can fill out the application for graduate assistantships and email it to chang@olemiss.eduwith a resume.

More information about financial aid for graduate students can be found here. Students interested in scholarships or other financial aid may contact the Office of Financial Aid.