Hospitality Management General Information

Our faculty members are dynamic and highly qualified, with expertise in many facets of the hospitality industry. They are committed to providing our students with a well-rounded education.

Academic Advising and Core Curriculum:

Students in the Hospitality Management Program in the Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management all share in the commonalities of a liberal arts education while at the University of Mississippi. Freshmen students begin by taking required University courses in English, science, mathematics, history, humanities, and fine arts. Freshmen are advised by the University’s Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience (CSSFYE), located in Martindale. This has been shown to be beneficial for all freshmen in the School of Applied Sciences, significantly increasing freshman retention rates.

Sophomore students are assigned a permanent advisor from the Hospitality Management Program faculty and begin their core curriculum of the program. During meetings with academic advisors, students lay out the course roadmap that they will follow throughout the program to graduation. Students and advisors also discuss industry related topics, including building a strong resume, internship and post-graduation job placement, and finding quality industry mentors.

For a complete listing of courses required to fulfill a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management, click the “Degree Requirements” link to the right.

Industry Experience (Pre-Internship and Internship Requirements):

Students in the Hospitality Management Program are actively involved in many areas of the industry during their time at the University of Mississippi. Much of this experience is gained through the accumulation of 600 industry hours.

The Program’s Pre-Internship requires gaining 200 industry hours (total) during the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years. Although many of these hours are accrued by assisting in department events (Square Toast for Scholarships, Miss-I-Sippin’, Square Fair, etc.), working in the local hospitality industry, and volunteer experiences within the Lafayette-Oxford-University community, students may also pursue opportunities in other locations such as their hometown.

During a student’s senior year, after the 200 required Pre-Internship hours are completed, they are eligible to do the hospitality management internship, NHM 484. Students enrolled in this course work an average of 40 hours a week during one semester, completing a total of 400 hours in an enriching and rewarding facet of the industry.

Although most students find their own pre-internship and internships in various areas, others seek advice from NHM Faculty and Advisors who are dedicated to assisting students in finding an aspect of the industry where they can explore different facets of the industry to determine which ones they might want to enter upon graduation.

For more information on the Hospitality Management Program’s Internship Requirements, click the “NHM 484 Internship” link to the right, or contact Mrs. Candis Couch Varnell, Internship Director at

Study Abroad and Study USA

The Hospitality Management Program offers students the opportunity for travel ether within the USA or abroad. Led by Hospitality Management faculty members, students travel to major domestic and international destinations to attend professional exhibitions and seminars to learn from those who have firsthand experience in the fast-moving hospitality industry. Some destinations include Chicago, New York City, Las Vegas, Ashville, New Orleans, London, Australia, Fiji, and Italy.

For more information on Study Abroad and Study USA opportunities in Hospitality Management, click the “Study USA Program” link to the right.


The Hospitality Management Program offers a variety of interesting electives for students to gain knowledge and acquire hands-on learning within the industry. Some of these elective courses include topics in event management, quality service promotions, experimental foods, and human resources development.


Each year, scholarships are awarded to outstanding hospitality management students. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, professional motivation, and financial need.

For more information on Hospitality Management Industry Scholarships, click the “Scholarships” link to the right.

Alumni Relations and Industry Development

The Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management maintains contacts with many former students and other associates in the hospitality industry. Although many of our alumni live in the South (Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas), several others live in other states (New York, North Carolina, and Hawaii). Our alumni and other industry partners visit the department from time to time to interact with current students and faculty members, and enjoy seeing how the department is growing and improving each year. The Hospitality Management Program also works with many industry leaders and professional organizations to develop more unique experiences for our students.

The Hospitality Management Culture at the University of Mississippi

In knowing that the Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management is located at the flagship university in the state of Mississippi, the Hospitality Management Program embraces the rich, diverse, and exciting southern hospitality culture. This culture includes a friendly faculty and professional staff with an open-door policy conducive to assisting and interacting with students and community members, serving southern infused food in Lenoir Dining, and exemplary community service.