NHM 484 Hospitality Management

Individually planned work experience in one or more facets of the hospitality industry. The work experience must be approved by the instructor. This course is a supervised internship in an appropriate hospitality setting earning three hours credit, and is required of all students whose emphasis area is in Hospitality Management.

Internship Goals

The purpose of the Internship is to provide students an opportunity to develop applied competence in a hospitality management operations related field through structured on-the-job learning experiences in commercial and/or institutional establishments. Students who complete the internship will:

  1. Develop the ability to learn from a total job environment, utilizing available resources to develop technical, human, and conceptual competence in managing hospitality operations;
  2. Develop the ability to work within an ongoing business enterprise, meeting performance standards set for regular employees and management;
  3. Demonstrate individual performance in task areas related to management of a hospitality operation;
  4. Demonstrate professionalism and accountability in meeting all commitments necessary to be successful in managing a specific area of hospitality operations;
  5. Make consistent contributions to the work commitments of the hospitality operation in which the learning experience occurs.

The following links will provide you with all the information and forms needed to help you successfully register for, and complete, your NHM 484 internship. Begin by reading the Orientation Guide and Manual.

NHM 484 Internship Guide and Manual

NHM 484 Internship Policies

Forms to Complete Prior to Internship

Pre-Internship Documentation