Nutrition and Hospitality Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Master’s Comprehensive Examinations

Master’s comprehensive exam requirement is waived for students who pursue and complete the thesis.

All non-thesis students in M.S. in FNS must successfully complete the Master’s comprehensive exams. To be eligible to sit for Master’s comprehensive exams, students must have completed the 18 hours of core courses, be in good standing with no Igrade, have filed the Program of Study form with the GPC, and be enrolled for at least 3 graduate credit hours during the semester in which they take the comps. Exams will take place in March and October each year. Students who intend to sit for the exam should notify the GPC in writing by February 15th (for March exams) or September 15th (for October exams).

The exam questions will be determined by the Master’s Comprehensive Exam Committee and will test the students on the 6 core courses. The Master’s Comprehensive Exam Committee will grade the exams and notify the student of the result within one week and one day.

Students must score an overall average of 80% or higher and a minimum 70% in each subject to pass the comprehensive exams. Those who meet the overall minimum but do not meet the subject-level minimum, or those who meet the subject-level minimum but not the overall minimum will be allowed a one-time rewrite during the same semester. After a failed attempt, students can retake the exams in another semester. Up to two attempts are allowed before the status is changed to non-degree standing.