Nutrition and Hospitality Management

School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

M.S. Mission Goals and Outcome Measures

Goals/Mission Statement

The mission of the MS in Food and Nutrition Services is to prepare students for entry into nutrition-related or hospitality management-related fields of study and/or their industries with excellence and integrity.

Learning Outcomes

Students will

  1. Be able to demonstrate how to interpret, evaluate, and use professional literature to make ethical, evidence-based practice decisions.
  2. Be able to demonstrate effective and professional oral and written communication and documentation when communicating with individuals, professional groups, and the public.
  3. Be able to incorporate professional knowledge with effective management and education techniques to facilitate food, nutrition and hospitality related behavior change.
  4. Be able to use a decision making process to make decisions, to identify nutrition- or hospitality-related problems, and to determine and evaluate appropriate interventions.
  5. Be able to apply knowledge of nutrition or hospitality management to enhance the well-being of individuals and groups.
  6. Be able to apply management and business theories and principles to the development, marketing, and delivery of nutrition or hospitality programs or services.