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NHM Presents Holiday’s Best Recipes

Posted on December 11th, 2017 by staff

Georgianna Mann, assistant professor of nutrition and hospitality management, consults with her students in an experimental food lab. Photo by Sarah Sapp/School of Applied Sciences

The Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management at the University of Mississippi has been educating students about food science and cooking for over 100 years. Who better to offer the Ole Miss family a collection of the holiday’s best recipes than the department’s own faculty?

Kathy Knight, associate professor of nutrition and hospitality management, offers up the famous chocolate chip pie recipe featured in the department’s cookbook, Are You Ready? 100 Years of Friends, Family, and Food, available for purchase online. The recipe was contributed by the first male student to graduate the program, Mark Davis, who helped make the recipe a favorite at Buckingham Palace. She shares how the pie made it from Ole Miss to the Denver Broncos and all the way to the Queen.



Decorating cookies is a great activity to entertain guests at holiday parties or for the kids on Christmas Eve in preparation for Old Saint Nick. Georgianna Mann, assistant professor of nutrition and hospitality management, offers her “Tastes Like Christmas” Cookie recipe and demonstrates a quick and easy holiday cookie icing that can be colored and flavored in any way imaginable.



Classic gravy is worth mastering for any occasion, but it is an especially important component in your big holiday meals. Dru Jones, chef instructor, shows viewers how to make a savory gravy that perfectly compliments a variety of holiday meats, breads and sides. He demonstrates how to make a roux and stock for the gravy that can otherwise be used in a variety of soups, sauces and stews. Doing it the right way is certainly a labor of love, but what better time to show that love than the holiday season? After all, gravy is the salt of the holiday table.



What holiday table is complete without the cranberries? Dave Holben, professor of nutrition and hospitality management, demonstrates how to make his favorite classic cranberry sauce recipe developed for Cooking Light magazine by one of his friends and registered dietician, Maureen Callahan. He shares a brief history of the cranberry and how it ended up on holiday tables across the country.



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Photo and video by Sarah Sapp/School of Applied Sciences