Nutrition and Hospitality Management
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Hospitality Management students are required to gain work experience in the hospitality industry to complete their degrees. This 3-minute video explains the requirements for completing a 200-hour pre-internship and a 400-hour internship.

200 Hours Pre-Internship

The Program’s Pre-Internship requires gaining a total of 200 industry hours during the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years.  Hours can be accrued by assisting in departmental and campus-wide events, working in the local hospitality industry, volunteer experiences within the Lafayette-Oxford-University community, or other locations, such as the student’s hometown. Faculty mentors can provide recommendations and approve appropriate worksites for students. All hours counted toward the completion of a student’s 200 pre-internship hours must be approved by the student’s faculty mentor before submitting the Verification Sheet (see links below for further information).

If you are a hospitality operation seeking interns or simply want to post job opportunities, please go to the Ole Miss Hospitality Alumni and Student Group Facebook page. Request to join the group. After receiving access, you will be able to post your own professional announcements.

You may also contact Dr. Katerina Berezina, HM Program Director at

NHM 484 Hospitality Management Internship


Individually planned work experience in one or more segments of the hospitality industry, which must be approved by the instructor. This course is a supervised internship in an appropriate hospitality operation earning three hours credit and is required of all students whose major is in Hospitality Management. Internships can be completed locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.


The purpose of the Internship in Hospitality Management is to provide students an opportunity to develop applied competence in the food and beverage service, lodging management, casino, events, tourism, cruising, club management, managed services and meetings and conventions operations of the hospitality industry through structured on-the-job learning experiences in commercial and/or institutional establishments.  Students who complete the internship will:

  1. Develop the ability to learn from a total job environment, utilizing available resources to develop technical, human, and conceptual competence in managing hospitality operations;
  2. Develop the ability to work within an ongoing business enterprise, meeting performance standards set for regular employees and management;
  3. Demonstrate individual performance in task areas related to management of a hospitality operation;
  4. Demonstrate professionalism and accountability in meeting all commitments necessary to be successful in managing a specific area of hospitality operations;
  5. Make consistent contributions to the work commitments of the hospitality operation in which the learning experience occurs.

Policies and Forms

Enrolling in NHM 484

To enroll in NHM 484 Hospitality Internship course students should have a fully completed internship contract. The internship contract is included in the Forms to complete prior to internship (pages 1 – 3). The internship contract should be filled out by the student and their internship supervisor. Once you agree on the terms of the internship and have a fully signed internship contract, please upload it here.

Hospitality Program’s Facebook Page

Hospitality Management students should join the Program’s Facebook Page, Ole Miss Hospitality Alumni and Student Group, to access valuable and timely information about pre-internship and internship opportunities in Oxford and throughout the U.S.

We encourage employers seeking interns or simply wanting to post job opportunities, to join the HM Program’s Facebook page by requesting to join the group. After receiving access, you will be able to post your own professional announcements.

Contact Dr. Katerina Berezina, HM Program Director at