Nutrition and Hospitality Management
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Current Students

If not already a major, students should first choose Dietetics and Nutrition baccalaureate degree program within the Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management (NHM) by going to the Office of the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences, located in the George Street House (next to the UM Library). There, they should complete a Change of Major Request Form. Students changing their major must have a 2.0 cumulative UM grade point average. Once the form is submitted to the Dean’s office and the information verified, NHM will be notified. Once notified of admission or transfer into NHM students should follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Freshmen are advised by the UM Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience, but sophomores and higher will be assigned an academic advisor from NHM. Students should plan to meet with their assigned dietetics faculty advisor as soon as possible to develop a plan of study and begin the path to registration. Freshmen should still visit NHM regularly so they will be well informed about their major.
  • Step 2: Once a student has declared Dietetics and Nutrition as a major they are assigned a faculty member to be their professional/career advisor for the duration of their time here at Ole Miss. During the registration period (October and March) dietetic faculty meet with their advisees to discuss issues such as internships, volunteer and leadership opportunities, and professional development. Also during October and March, students meet with an academic advisor to plan out their schedule of courses for their degree requirements. There will be a sign up sheet in Lenoir Hall for all students to make an advising appointment. You must meet with your academic advisor or you will not be allowed to register for classes.  One of the first classes you will take as a Dietetics major is NHM 214: Introduction to Dietetics.  This course introduces you to the dietetic profession including careers, professional issues, ethics, communication and counseling skills, and competencies required to become a registered dietitian. In this course you will be provided the Student Handbook, this will be an important reference while enrolled in the DPD at Ole Miss.
  • Step 3: Join the Student Dietetic Association and participate in other leadership and service opportunities provided by NHM, the School of Applied Sciences, and the University. Take advantage of opportunities to attend district, state, and national dietetics meetings and conferences.
  • Step 4: Seek opportunities to gain food and nutrition related work experience. Not only does this help build your resume, most internships include paid or volunteer work experience as an important component of their admissions criteria.
  • Step 5: One year prior to graduation, students should narrow down the internships they are interested in applying to. Identify the internship/supervised practice programs which fit most closely with your professional goals. Then attend the fall seminar in which students are lead step by step through the application process. Gather admissions information for the different internships and if possible, schedule a visit with each site.

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