Nutrition and Hospitality Management
School of Applied Sciences, University of Mississippi

Your Senior Year

While exciting, the senior year can often become overwhelming. However, by staying focused and organized and avoiding procrastination, students can insure that the internship application process is smooth and avoid costly mistakes.

  • Step 1: School of Applied Sciences students must go to the Dean’s Office at the George Street House the semester prior to their final semester to fill out a Letter of Intent to Graduate or obtain the printable on-line form and return the completed form to the SAS Dean’s Office by mail or by fax at (662) 915-7901. A mass e-mail is sent to all seniors with notification of specific due dates each semester and approximate due dates can be found on the SAS website.

The letter of intent (often known as “graduation application”) will identify all courses to be completed prior to graduation. As soon as the Dean’s office sends you a list of the remaining courses needed, forward the list to the DPD director for his/her files.

  • Step 2: During preregistration in the fall of your senior year, make an appointment with your faculty advisor to discuss the internship application process including computer matching, deadlines, necessary paperwork, and other helpful information. This information may be covered in announced group meetings, so watch emails closely.