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NHM Students Visit Mississippi State’s Dairy Farm

Posted on April 19th, 2023 by llpettew

NHM Students Visit Mississippi State’s Dairy Farm

STARKVILLE, Miss. – A group of students in Dietetics and Nutrition program and Coordinated Program in Dietetics were granted the unique opportunity to travel to Starkville to visit Mississippi State’s dairy farm. The students were able to learn about the farming practices, animal welfare on the farm, the milking processes, and how the dairy is used to support the Mississippi State on campus dining facilities.

Stepping outside of the classroom to engage in hands-on experience is always very enlightening for students, and this experience was surely no different. The students found the experience to be an incredibly valuable way to better understand this important aspect of nutrition and health.

The organizer of this event was Donna Speed with the Dairy Alliance. She is very excited to continue hosting students for future events. The School of Applied Sciences as well as the Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management is so grateful for her diligent efforts to bring these valuable experiences to our students and our program.

By: Laura Leigh Petteway